What factors will affect the gaming experience on gaming phones? Performance, battery life, charging, screen, etc. are all answers that everyone can blurt out.

In addition, AndroBliz believes that heat dissipation is also extremely important for gaming phones. Therefore, we can see that every time a new gaming phone appears, more powerful cooling technology will follow.

According to the latest news from the official Weibo of the Red Magic gaming mobile phone, the upcoming Red Magic 7 series will use the ICE magic cooling system.

Red Magic 7 series equipped with ICE magic cooling system

Officials have previously stated that the Red Magic 7 series comes with 7 god outfits, and the third god outfit is the extreme cold storm.

It is reported that the Red Magic 7 series is equipped with ICE magic cooling system, which can ensure the super cool output of mobile phone performance.

However, the official Red Magic gaming phone did not further elaborate on the ICE magic cooling system, which is theoretically more advanced than the previous ICE7.0 nine-layer multi-dimensional three-dimensional cooling system. We can expect the official press conference at 15:00 on February 17th. on "Unlock".

Red Magic 7 series equipped with Snapdragon 8 mobile platform

Prior to this, the official has released many parameters of the Red Devils 7 series. The machine will be equipped with a new generation of Snapdragon 8 mobile platform, supporting the full blood version of LPDDR5 and UFS3.1.

In addition, the machine will also launch 165W gallium nitride for the first time in the industry. Fast charge, with 135W magic flash fast charge + 5000mAh fast charge and battery life combination.


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