Samsung is the name most talked about in terms of issues surrounding phone performance squeezing lately, but it seems to be getting more common and likely to get worse.

Samsung admits to squeezing the performance of apps, though it explains the reason behind this is to make sure the phone doesn't overheat. According to the information, the cause may be due to the ARM design platform that Samsung and Qualcomm have taken advantage of for their flagship processors.

Unlike Intel, ARM does not manufacture its own chips. Instead, the company designs the processors and licenses those designs to any company interested. Qualcomm and Samsung are two of ARM's biggest customers. Both use ARM designs in their flagship Snapdragon and Exynos processors.

According to BusinessKorea, industry experts believe that ARM's latest designs are partly to blame, as the problem affects many different manufacturers. Samsung chips, as well as those made by TSMC for Qualcomm, are equally affected, not by the manufacturing process.

Interestingly, Apple's chips do not appear to be affected, despite being based on ARM designs. Industry experts believe that Apple and ARM can better tailor the processors for use with iOS. In contrast, Samsung and Qualcomm are shouldering the burden of making their chips work with different device manufacturers and Android versions, making it difficult for those processors to be as well optimized as the Apple A series. -series or Apple M-series (M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max, M1 Ultra).

Hopefully, Qualcomm and Samsung will find efficient ways to adapt their designs to compete with the power efficiency Apple offers. Otherwise, overheating phones and performance-squeezing processors could become the "new normal", something that is clear to those users who have spent tens of millions of dong on high-end devices that they don't want.
[Image Credit: Android Authority]


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