Due to some reasons, it has been reported that the Apple iPhone 14 Pro will maintain its Lightning port, and not USB-C
Many rumors say that Apple is testing many different iPhone prototypes using USB-C ports. In the product range, almost the company has switched to this port instead of Lightning, except for the iPhone. Therefore, many people hope that the company will switch to USB-C on the iPhone 14 Pro, so that they will only need to use 1 charger cable for everything from their iPhone, iPad to Macbook. However, the recent leak may disappoint you: Apple will still maintain the 10-year-old Lightning port.

The real cause may not be what many people think. Some say that Apple firmly refuses to kill Lightning on the iPhone because they want to head to a future without ports. According to iDropnews, the actual cause for this is actually very predictable and not as profound as you might think. In fact, the iPhone 14 Pro will still use the Lightning port, just because it brings money, a lot of money for Apple. The USB-C port may be handy for you, but it goes against that purpose of making money.

Very simple! Apple can charge a royalty to any manufacturer that wants to sell hardware with a Lightning port. From cables, dongles, charging docks, battery cases, headphones,... So they will make a lot of money and won't have to switch to USB-C because they will lose that abundant source of income. Apple will continue to exploit Lightning until it has enough technology to realize an iPhone without a port.

At this point, the battery charging or data transfer jobs will be done via MagSafe. And of course, the company continues to collect royalties.

For Apple supporters, the Lightning port on the iPhone 14 Pro may still be something of value. The company is currently maintaining the rather outdated USB 2.0 standard on Lightning ports. But to the iPhone 14 Pro generation, this connection port will be upgraded to USB 3.0 speed. If you have a need to record high-quality movies according to Apple's ProRes standards, this will be a worthwhile improvement. Copying data to a computer will be faster thanks to the larger bandwidth of USB 3.0.

According to iDropnews' own source, iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max are unlikely to have this upgrade. However, he is quite sure that the iPhone 14 Pro and the most advanced Pro Max version will have USB 3.0 standard Lightning. At the same time, the company continues to upgrade the MagSafe transmission speed to a higher level. Not only with products in the ecosystem but also with outside, such as Windows or Linux computers.

They are pouring a lot of resources into R&D to completely solve technical barriers. Perhaps by the iPhone 16 or 17 generation, Apple will remove the Lightning note to move towards a portless future.


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