According to journalist Jez Corden, Bethesda would have signed the development agreement before Microsoft acquired it.
The Indiana Jones game was announced by Bethesda and is in the hands of Machine Games. As the publisher ended up being bought by Microsoft, it is natural to expect the title to come exclusively to Xbox. However, journalist Jez Corden said that the game can show up on other platforms.

According to the insider, the deal for the game's development was signed prior to the purchase of Bethesda. The difference would be the availability of the game on Game Pass on launch day, but even so, the game would arrive on other consoles.

On the other hand, he points out that things must have changed over time. He got the information over a year ago, and the deal between Bethesda and Microsoft was completed in mid-2021. In other words, his sources may be out of date.

Although the journalist has a good record of successes, it is good to take this article as mere speculation . Anyway, at least according to Corden, it wouldn't be unreasonable to dream about the treasure hunter on PlayStation.

Indiana Jones Release Date

The Indiana Jones game features Todd Howard as executive producer in collaboration with LucasFilm Games. For now, there is no release date.


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