Apple's Mixed Reality Headsets Will Include Content Made by Hollywood Directors
According to information from The New York Times (NYT), Apple is said to be working with Hollywood directors to create video content for its upcoming augmented reality (AR)/virtual reality (VR) headset.

Sources familiar with the matter told The New York Times that Jon Favreau was just one of the directors involved, tasked with delivering a mixed reality experience based on the Prehistoric Planet - the horror series long produced by him for Apple TV Plus.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like we'll be able to immerse ourselves in Jurassic Park-like landscapes any time soon. In line with earlier information from Bloomberg, the NYT says Apple's headset may not be available until 2023 due to performance and battery life issues.

That shows that its development is not without some instability. Some employees have also left the company, the NYT said, because of the impact that headsets can have on the way "people interact with each other."

The mixed reality device may also not appear at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), as Apple could shift its focus to software.

Sources confirmed to the NYT that Apple is preparing to introduce a set of tools for developers to add camera and voice functionality to their apps, allowing for hands-free control before the headset arrives.

Apple has yet to confirm the existence of a headset, but the device will likely be able to provide both immersive VR experiences, as well as virtual overlays created to make them look like part of the world. real world. Various leaks and rumors also reveal a lot, from its untethered exterior to its "Mac-grade" processing power.

But there are already indications that Apple may be prepared to officially announce the device, although it probably won't happen at WWDC. With the name RealityOS listed in the trademark application for "wearable computer hardware," presumably, this is the operating system that Apple's headset will use.

Last month, it was also confirmed that Apple's board of directors appeared to be trying out its own mixed reality headset.


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