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Most of these theme packages only customize colors, add wallpapers according to the theme of the components in the default interface, but do not interfere deeply with the system, so it will not affect the performance of device but still bring you new experiences.

How To Apply A New Theme On Windows 10 In 2022:

To apply a new theme on your windows, simply navigate to your Settings => Personalization => Themes => Choose a new theme from the downloaded themes via the list we have provided below as the default interface for the PC and then, apply. Once you're done, the theme package will automatically replace the original settings.

10 Latest Windows 10 Themes That Are Free To Download From Microsoft Store (June 2022):

1.) Night Skies Premium:

If you like watching stars, moons, aurora or galaxies in the universe ... This theme pack will definitely bring you great experiences with more than 20 high 4K wallpapers available, and the system has been customized in favor of dark colors.

Download Night Skies Premium Theme

2.) Street Views Premium:

The street view always gives us fresh and airy feelings. With this theme package, you will experience many interesting spaces in Morocco, Europe, the urban area of Santa Cruz de la Palma (Canary Islands, Spain) and many other countries around the world. The installation capacity is about 22MB.
Download Street Views Premium Theme

3.) World National Parks:

Want to take a trip around the world? The World National Parks theme pack will bring you exciting experiences through a computer screen with over 18 4K wallpapers taken from many famous travel destinations (including pristine and artificial). However, the download size of this theme is about 15MB.
Download World National Parks Theme

4.) Porsche 911 GT2 RS-Forza Motorsport 7:

If you like racing games like Forza Motorsport 7, or are dreaming of owning a Porsche 911 GT2 RS, this theme pack is for you. With over 7 4K wallpapers specializing in Porsche 911 GT2 RS, it will definitely blow your mind through every frame with extremely sharp detail.
Download Porsche 911 GT2 RS-Forza Motorsport 7 Theme

5.) In The Desert:

Theme pack offers more than 20 stunning 4K wallpapers taken in the Sahara Desert, death valley (a long and narrow valley between the US states of California and Nevada), Erg Chebbi (Morocco) and a few other areas of extreme weather around the world.
Download In The Desert Theme

6.) Rain In The City:

Rain not only helps to keep the air cool, it can also soothe the soul and make us feel better. The Rain in the City theme pack offers more than 17 Moody-style 4K wallpapers, combined with a dark blue background on the Start frame and system installer. This theme costs about 7.5MB.
Download Rain In The City Theme

7.) Panoramic Train Views Premium:

Want to experience the most beautiful trains in the world for free? The Panoramic Train Views PREMIUM theme pack is sure to delight you with more than 10 4K wallpapers captured on trains around the world. The installation capacity is about 31MB.

Download Panoramic Train Views Premium Theme

8.) Hitting The Road:

This theme pack gives you more than 18 4K wallpapers taken from beautiful roads, if you like cycling or traveling, you can try this theme. The download size is about 17MB.
Download Hitting The Road Theme

9.) Ford F-150 Raptor Xbox One X Edition:

If you love or dream of owning a Ford F-150 Raptor then this theme pack is for you. With over 10 4K wallpapers specializing in this series, it will surely make you feel somewhat satisfied your passion through each frame with extremely sharp detail. Installation capacity is about 8MB.
Download Ford F-150 Raptor Theme

10.) Aerial Beaches Premium:

The theme is customized for those who love the sea and get a majestic view when the waves rush to the shore, providing more than 15 4K quality wallpapers combined with blue to help bring a sense of comfort every time when using the computer.
Download Aerial Beaches Premium
Download Aerial Beaches Premium Theme

Download Best Free Windows 10 Themes For June 2022:

If you're a Windows 10 user and urging to get an enticing look and feel on your PC, we have provided the best themes for Windows 10. This list however, contains Premium and Latest themes and the good news is that they are all free to download.


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