Sometimes Play Store shows some error messages which pisses the user off, here is how to fix pending download error on Google play store in 2022
How to fix download pending error on play store
Google Play Store is the most popular, common and a huge place to download apps and games for your android smartphone. Sometimes Play Store shows some error messages which pisses us off, error messages like "content not available in your country, as well as download pending error".

This is because Google had earlier mentioned, that you can only install one app after another and not several apps at a go. However, if the same problem occurs when downloading apps from Google play store one-by-one then here is the solution for that. In this article, I am sharing with you How to Fix Play Store Download Pending on Android. And without wating much of your time, let's get started.

Google Play Store Download Pending on Android:

There are several methods to Fix this issue of pending downloads in Google play store and thus, follow the step by step guide below. Method 1: Stop All Background Downloading Process On Play Store
  • First, Open Play Store app on your Android device.
  • Swipe from the right side of the screen, and select My apps & games.
  • Here you’ll see all apps that are currently downloading on your phone. To cancel all Downloading apps click on STOP button.

Method 2: Clear All Cache and Data of Play Store
If the issue persists, even after clearing the downloading apps, clear the cache and data for Play Store app.
  • Go to Android device Settings --> Apps.
  • Select Google Play Store from the list of apps installed on your Android device.
  • Once you open the Play Store app info page. Clear Cache and Clear Data. If you are running on Android versions Marshmallow or higher, select Storage and then clear cache and data from there.

Even after trying this method, you are facing the same issue. Well, you can try the last and final method this will work definitely.

Method 3: Force Stop Play Store
  • Open your Android settings then go to apps and find Play store app.
  • Then Force Stop the Play store app and restart your android device.
  • Now, you can download apps and games on the play store without notice Download Pending.

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