The SAIC-GM Cadillac brand announced that the luxury pure electric medium and large SUV Cadillac LYRIQ opened at 10 o'clock yesterday, and the three models will be priced at 439,700 yuan, 459,700 yuan and 479,700 yuan. Users can pay a deposit of 5,000 yuan through the Cadillac IQ App to complete the order.

As the first luxury model of GM's Ultium electric vehicle platform in China, it is also the pioneering work of the Cadillac brand's intelligent pure electric transformation. LYRIQ is equipped with GM's most cutting-edge intelligence and networking technology.

On the basis of the first rear-drive long-life luxury version, LYRIQ has now added two new models, including the rear-drive long-life premium version with further improved comfort and the four-wheel-drive high-performance premium version with zero-hundred acceleration of 4.9s.

The LYRIQ is built on the GM Ultium platform, and it is also the first mass-produced model on the platform. The body size is 5003×1977×1637 mm and the wheelbase is 3094 mm. It is positioned as a medium-to-large pure electric SUV.

It is reported that LYRIQ's entire series uses the flagship 8155 chip in the car to support 5G connection. The standard 33.8-inch ring-shaped 9K super retina screen can display 1 billion colors, and the AKG studio-grade high-fidelity sound system with 19 speakers creates an intelligent and immersive luxury cockpit experience for users.

At the same time, LYRIQ is equipped with a new generation of Super Cruise super assisted driving system, which adds the driver's automatic lane change and command lane change functions, and has OTA iterative upgrade capability, which can realize continuous expansion of usage scenarios.

The National Bank Rear-Drive Long-Endurance Deluxe Edition is equipped with a 96.7 kWh battery pack, adopts rear-wheel drive, and has an EPA range of up to 300 miles (CLTC up to 650km).

The four-wheel drive premium version is equipped with front and rear permanent magnet synchronous motors, which can achieve a maximum power of 375kW, a maximum motor torque of 710N m, and an acceleration of 100 kilometers in only 4.9s. At the same time, the four-wheel drive high-performance premium version of the CLTC has a cruising range of more than 600km and supports full life cycle fast charging.

AndroBliz has learned that from late September to early October 2022, Cadillac's pure electric car will begin to be delivered to users one after another. The first delivery models are the rear-wheel-drive long-life luxury version and the rear-drive long-life premium version.


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