Xiaomi MIUI 13.5 upgrade list exposed: a large number of old models are listed, but stop at Android 11 models or be abandoned
Although Xiaomi has not announced MIUI 13.5, the news of MIUI 13.5 has been continuously reported on the Internet, and now, even the upgrade list has been leaked.

The whistleblower xiaomiui released the upgrade list known as MIUI 13.5 in advance. According to reports, MIUI 13.5 will abandon Android 11 models, so the following models will not be able to upgrade to MIUI 13.5:

Some people think that this change is to represent MIUI 13.5 as a small update between MIUI 13 and MIUI 14. Others think it's just a design choice.

In terms of Logo design, MIUI 13.5 has also become fashionable and more modern, and the streamlined shape can better represent the user interface of MIUI 13.5.

The number "1" in the new MIUI 13 Logo has been refined and elongated. The number "3" has also been redesigned to resemble "3" and "5". This stands for MIUI 13.5.

Also, the colors in the MIUI 13.5 Logo are different from those in MIUI 13. The earlier MIUI 13 Logo had more shades of pink, yellow and orange, while the newer Logo has a purple and blue color scheme similar to the MIUI 11 Logo. This change may herald the return of stability features with the release of MIUI 13.5.

Unfortunately, the specific update content is not yet clear.


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