Retirement fund IRA Financial Trust (USA) has filed a lawsuit against cryptocurrency exchange Gemini Trust Co. in the case they were stolen $36 millio
According to Bloomberg , hackers have successfully stolen $21 million in Bitcoin and $15 million in Ethereum from an IRA Financial user account, which is linked to the Gemini exchange.

The IRA Financial Trust alleged that the New York-based exchange's systems were irresponsible by "failing to freeze accounts immediately after the incident". “Gemini Exchange failed to take timely measures to protect customer crypto assets,” the IRA Financial Trust complaint reads.

Along with that, IRA Financial Trust has also found a solution to deal with affected customers since this incident occurred. They also pledged to use the proceeds of the lawsuit to reimburse damaged customers.

Gemini has stated their platform is free of vulnerabilities and has secured IRA Financial Trust accounts. Accordingly, all accounts are required to install 2-factor authentication (2FA). Therefore, Gemini denied the IRA's allegation.

The New York-based crypto exchange has denied all allegations by the IRA Financial Trust, but insists it is ready to assist with everything it can in the investigation of this $36 million hacker.

Gemini is one of the famous cryptocurrency exchanges in the US, founded by the Winklevoss brothers - who once sued Mark Zuckerberg over the idea that led to the formation of the social network Facebook. They are also early Bitcoin investors and have become USD billionaires thanks to the digital currency. The Gemini exchange has also obtained a BitLicense license from the New York state government. It is one of the most stringent US crypto-regulatory licenses.

Gemini seems to be facing tough times lately. Last week, it was complained by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) for allegedly misleading regulators by making false or misleading statements, in an attempt to win approval for the company. the launch of its Bitcoin futures products.

Gemini also recently announced that it has laid off 10% of its employees in an effort to help the company through the "Crypto winter" that is raging


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