Although Google is still two months away from officially releasing the Pixel 6a, an unboxing video of this product has been posted on YouTube and gives a glimpse of the design, the new in-display fingerprint sensor along with some interesting information about the Tensor chipset.

Video unboxing and on hand Pixel was posted on the YouTube channel Google Retail Training France but in "not public" mode. Like the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, the accessory box is quite thin due to the removal of the attached charging dock.

Besides the element of removing unnecessary accessories to protect the environment, cutting down on the charging dock is also a measure to save maximum costs for the Pixel A-series line.

The front of the Pixel 6a is covered with a protective film, the back will be the first part you see when "unboxing" the product. Below is a USB-C charging cable and a quick adapter (USB-A to USB-C) also known as an OTG cable, user manual, warranty information and SIM removal tool packaged in specifications. pretty neat.

Outside the accessory box is the Pixel 6a logo with the Google Tensor chipset, representing "what" provides power and processing power on this device.

Another interesting part is the demo of the new in-display fingerprint sensor (min 1:56). Google said that the Pixel 6a uses a different fingerprint sensor than the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro duo, providing outstanding unlocking speed in all conditions despite being configured only in the low-cost segment.

In terms of software, it is still typical of Google with Pixel Launcher, and there are some pre-shot images available to promote the function of the dual camera cluster. On the back of the device, a glance at the video can see that the material is relatively easy to stick to fingerprints, although it is made of glossy quality with 3D Composite heat pressing technology.



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