Pixel 7 Pro prototype is out again, this time on Facebook Marketplace
Google's product secrecy has not been very good, and the Pixel 7 Pro, which has not yet been officially launched, has also had prototypes flowing out, and more than once. Recently, another Pixel 7 Pro prototype came out of the market.

The Pixel 7 Pro prototype that came out of the market this time is Reddit user AMC20_ who said that he bought it on Facebook Marketplace.

The product description marked by itself is Pixel 6 Pro (without box), but after receiving it, it turns out to be a Pixel 7 Pro prototype.

However, after he received the prototype, it could not be used normally for a few days. The reason is as the same prototype that was leaked on eBay before.

The system was probably erased by Google remotely, making it useless. There are really no big surprises in terms of appearance, and there is no way to get any new information from the prototype.

Whether there will continue to be prototypes after the end is also worth noting.



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