Today is the 3rd anniversary of China's official commercialization of 5G networks, with China's current 5G network speed reaching 1Gbps.

Now Huawei, China Mobile and other companies have jointly released an enhanced version of 5G. This is a 5.5G network with download speeds expected to be up to 10Gbps.

According to reports, China Mobile, Huawei and other companies have jointly released 5G-Advanced (5G extended and enhanced network, also known as 5G-A). China emphasizes that 5G-A is a great network, through these important technologies, 5G-A will support a peak download speed of 10Gbps as well as a peak upload speed of 1Gbps.

The technology also supports millisecond-level latency, 100 billion IoT, and out-of-connectivity capabilities such as high-precision positioning and awareness.

In April 2021, the 46th PCG meeting was held. During that meeting, 3GPP officially defined the name of the 5G development as 5G-Advanced.

At the same time, the meeting decided that 5G-A will start from R18. Furthermore, version R18 will be approved later this year. 5G-A will define new goals and new possibilities for the development of 5G after 2025.

Through comprehensive development and enhancement, 5G can create greater economic and social value . 5G-A is the same as the 5.5G proposed by Huawei.

Last year, Wang Tao, Huawei's chief executive officer and president of technology products and solutions, said in his keynote that the company would put more emphasis on 5.5G development.


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