The automobile group Stellantis announced in early March this year that it would launch the first pure electric SUV for its Jeep. At that time, it also published the design drawings of the body.

Interestingly, this small SUV, which is similar in size to the Compass, was officially released. The name was not announced, leaving the media and fans puzzled. More and more information about the Jeep electric SUV has been leaking recently, including a black-and-white spy shot.

Some netizens broke the news in the discussion area Autopaperi that Jeep's first pure electric SUV may be classified under the Renegade series and will be published later this year.

The inside of the new car is called Project 516 or Junior, and it will be produced in Poland and India. The whistleblower has uploaded a new black and white spy photo that claims to be a new car.

It can be seen that the body is covered with camouflage stickers, but the body design is vaguely visible in March. The official design drawings are similar.

It is reported that Jeep may name this pure electric SUV "Jeepster". The new car will use the eCMP chassis of Peugeot-Citroen, while Fiat and Alfa Romeo of the same group will launch their own models based on Project 516. In other words, Jeep Jeepster is just a One of the triplets.


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