Also with the same design as a picture frame with two V-shaped legs, LG's The Posé series has "similar" features to the previously released The Serif
LG's latest product to follow this philosophy is The Posé, a TV model in its fashionable OLED Objet Collection line.

The Posé comes in 3 sizes, 42, 48 and 55 inches and has an exterior design that resembles a picture frame with a base of 2 V-shaped legs, along with a sliding cloth to cover the screen when not in use.

In standby mode, The Posé will display works of art to replace the task of a real picture frame, beautifying your home space. Talking about hardware configuration, The Posé" uses LG's most advanced panel, OLED Evo, for high image quality thanks to rich colors and deep blacks.

The product has no price yet, but looking at a product that also aims to have a high aesthetic design, the LG G2 Gallery Edition is priced at $3200, then "The Posé" is certainly not a cheap product.

Looking at the design of "The Posé", surely many people will also have an association with a product already on the market of LG's "compatriot" Samsung with "The Serif". The Serif has been launched by Samsung since May 2019, which is 3 years ago compared to LG.

Samsung's Serif also has the same design as a picture frame Looking at the image provided by LG, we can also see a few small differences between these two TVs such as the fact that "The Posé" is thinner thanks to the application of a self-illuminating OLED panel, as well as a fabric design. slide to cover the screen, which Samsung's Serif does not have. But to say that LG also took inspiration from The Serif to make "The Posé" is not an untrue statement.


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