According to a recent survey by auditing firm Deloitte, 75% of US retailers plan to accept payments in cryptocurrencies or coins.
The majority of entities that accept cryptocurrencies as a payment instrument have seen a positive impact on customer metrics such as customer base growth, brand awareness, etc.

The Deloitte survey also found that more than half of major retailers with sales of over $500 million are spending $1 million or more building the infrastructure needed to make this happen. These retailers operate in many fields from cosmetics, digital goods, electronics, fashion, to food, catering.

Despite the fact that the Bitcoin market, virtual currency has great fluctuations, there are many coins or stablecoins like TerraUST, TerraLUNA even collapsed, evaporating with a price close to zero but the interest of investors with money The virtual and fintech space is still on the rise.

It is this interest that motivates businesses, organizations, banks, and financial institutions to consider accepting payments to increase competition in the market.

On the part of regulatory agencies, it is still important to have mechanisms and policies in place to effectively manage mining, investment and payment activities in cryptocurrencies. The lack of a legal framework can lead to virtual currencies being used for illegal activities and money laundering.

Regarding the value of Bitcoin, this morning, the price of Bitcoin plunged without stopping. Bitcoin had a time of touching $24,900, according to CoinDesk. This is an 18-month low for the world's most valuable cryptocurrency.

The reason is that the US inflation report in May released at the end of last week made investors continue to leave risk assets, such as stocks and cryptocurrencies.

In a recent month, the coin's price has fallen about 17%. The Bitcoin price is currently 60% below the historic high of more than $68,000 set late last year.


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