Mercedes-Benz has finally made a breakthrough in self-driving cars. The company recently announced that its self-driving system, Drive Pilot, will be launched in Germany, making Benz the first automaker in the world to receive an internationally valid certification for conditional autonomous driving. The Drive Pilot system is currently available as an option for Benz EQS and Class-S owners.

The Drive Pilot Level 3 system can automatically drive in certain situations, and the system can also handle most of the conditions encountered while driving.

Since the operating principle of Drive Pilot is to control the speed and distance, the system will analyze the conditions on the road, traffic signs, and accidents that occur in the vicinity, and make immediate responses and deal with the situation, such as guiding the vehicle in the lane, performing evasive actions and automatic braking, etc.

If the car breaks down, the system will automatically hand over control of the car to the owner, but if the driver doesn't respond within 10 seconds, the system will stop the car in a safe manner.

In addition, Drive Pilot is equipped with LiDAR lidar, camera lens, and ultrasonic sensor, which can be accurate to one centimeter high-precision map. The Drive Pilot of the Benz EQS and S-Class can travel at speeds of up to 60 kilometers per hour.

Drive Pilot went on sale in Germany on the 17th of last month. Owners of the S-Class will be priced at €5,000 with Drive Pilot, while owners of the EQS model will need to purchase the Driver Assistance Package Plus at €2430.


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