Due to the Southern Hemisphere Astronomical Science Research, NASA is said to launch a rocket from Australia
NASA has been carrying out a lot of astronomical observations, but most of the missions are launching rockets from the United States. Recently, NASA has launched rockets for astronomical research at private rocket launch sites outside the United States for the first time.

NASA recently announced that it will launch a rocket within a few weeks from the Arnhem Space Centre in northern Australia, which is owned by private company Equatorial Launch Australia and is the first time NASA has launched a rocket from a private site outside the United States.

Australia has also approved this plan, and the launch will be launched in three separate launches at the end of June and early July, when NASA will send about 75 experts to Australia.

The launch was actually achieved after a two-year assessment by the Australian Space Agency and an allocation of about $3.6 million to Equatorial Launch Australia by the Australian Northern Territory government to upgrade the facility.


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