Nintendo announced that it will hold a "Xenoblade Chronicles 3" face-to-face meeting on the evening of June 22, and it will be launched on the Switch.
Nintendo announced that it will hold a special face-to-face meeting for "Xenoblade Chronicles 3" at 10 pm on June 22nd, lasting about 20 minutes.

The game is already available for pre-order, 8,700 yen for the digital version and 8,778 yen for the physical version.

Nintendo ciq announced that the strategy JRPG game "Xenoblade Chronicles 3" will be released on July 29, landing on the Switch platform and supporting Chinese in the entire region. The previously officially announced release plan is September, which can be described as a reverse bounce. The game was released at Nintendo's Direct Meeting in February this year.

The story of "Xenoblade Chronicles 3" will tell the story of six boys and girls who belong to two hostile countries "Corvis" and "Agnus", and will soon start a life-oriented story. This is a brand new story that connects the future of the two worlds of Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

AndroBliz learned that Nintendo also announced the latest trailer for the game. The promotional film shows the story of the encounter between the two teams of the hero Noah and the heroine Mio: the two teams were originally hostile, but because of The sudden appearance of a mysterious enemy forces the two teams to enter into a cooperative situation.

The mysterious enemy called them "The Rattlesnake Clan", and said that this clan would destroy the world and must be eliminated; therefore, the two teams officially formed an alliance and embarked on a new adventure in order to explore the mystery of everyone's life experience.


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