Rockford, California, USA. Amazon said that if a customer's online order is "eligible for air freight," it will arrange for Prime Air to fly the goods to the designated location at a maximum speed of 50 miles per hour.

After reaching the destination, the Prime Air will drop vertically and hover in mid-air, and then use the rope to place the package on the ground.

The Prime Air can carry packages of up to 5 pounds (2.2 kilograms), the largest of which is about a large shoe box, and will be used to ship office supplies, beauty products, tech gear, and household items.

Amazon also claims that the sophisticated system equipped with Prime Air enables it to detect obstacles in front of it, and once it encounters an obstacle, it will automatically avoid and adjust the line to avoid collision with planes, people, pets and other obstacles during transportation.

Compared with rivals Walmart and Alphabet, Amazon's drone delivery service was launched late. Due to the unsatisfactory performance of Prime Air in the experimental phase, there have been 5 crashes during the 4-month trial period in Oregon.

Some employees also complained to reporters about the staffing problem, saying that the drone delivery service was implemented. Too hasty, failing to fully consider the workload of the employees.


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