News from Rockstar Insiders tipped us that GTA 6 will officially be revealed next year
Rockstar, referred to as R star, confirmed in February this year that the next generation of "GTA" (tentatively known as "GTA 6") is in active development. Game analyst Michael Pachter said that the development of "GTA 6" started from 2014 to 2015, and the scale of the game is very large.

"GTA 6" is under development, but Rockstar has never revealed the substantive content of the game, although there have been many rumors about the game.

Recently, xfire reported that an insider with links to Rockstar shared some "GTA 6" content through Matheusvictorbr. For example, the general plot of this work, the setting of the two protagonists, the location of the game, the game release date, etc.

According to Rockstar insiders, the story of this work will revolve around a pair of twins "brother and sister" or "sister and brother", mainly a series of stories that happened after a man and a woman grew up in separate places after their parents were killed by a drug cartel in 2003. The game will reportedly explore the tragic event in its prologue, which could take place in modern-era Cuba, Colombia, Miami-style Vice City, and more.

The game itself is said to be set sometime in the 2020s, possibly 2023 or 2024, as the two siblings will eventually meet as adults, and the two will be standing together for some reason. opposite. The siblings will have a confrontation, and then the two will get to know each other "the hard way".

He said that the man became an agent of the DOA (reflecting the actual DEA), however, his sister would take revenge on the drug dealer in her own way, that is, she continued to overcome various difficulties after becoming a female killer, Climb up step by step, and finally kill the enemy's story.

Matheus couldn't elaborate on how the two would meet or if players could play both at the same time, and here's a guess that players might split into two separate lines that then eventually converge.

It is said that Rockstar's focus on enhancing gameplay and features like gameplay made the nearly ten years of development more meaningful. This development task is clearly too demanding by comparison.

It is worth mentioning that the new GTA work will also be an open world, and the buildings in the game world are destructible, which is also a major feature of this work.

Finally, when asked about the development progress or release date of GTA 6, Matheus said that Rockstar is planned to be released in 2024, which also verified a previously exposed PPT.


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