Rumors indicate that Skate 4 will be revealed by EA in early July
Skate may be just one of the great franchises to have an announced return in 2022. According to information shared in May by user Oops Leaks, 2K is about to reveal a new entry in the Bioshock series and may bring interesting news about the fourth game in the coming months.

In addition to them, titles like Mortal Kombat 12, Capcom's long-awaited Pragmata, and Kojima's new game are "almost certain" to be part of the line-up of major announcements for this year

New rumors shared this Tuesday (21) suggest that Electronic Arts will reveal Skate 4 on July 4th. The title, shown in a playable pre-alpha version in recent months, would be in the final stages of development and with gameplay ready for testing.

The information was published by insider Tom Henderson (via Try Hard Guides ) and indicated that the game will be one of the "big IPs" planned for the current fiscal period.

According to him, the date can mark the first exhibition of images and the opportunity to experience the title running on a machine, as exclusive content for the press and influencers.

So far, Electronic Arts has not commented on the case. As such, all information about Skate 4 should be treated as rumors.


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