Yesterday, Hideo Kojima had his name involved with more rumors. According to Tom Henderson, an insider with good credibility in the industry, the Japanese dev is ahead of a horror project titled “Overdose” and works again alongside actress Margaret Qualley, the Mama of Death Stranding.

In an article published on the TryHardGuides website , the journalist claimed to have received images with the first scenes of the game. The content was delivered by anonymous sources and features Qualley's character dressed in blue as she walks through dark hallways and holds a flashlight.

Overdose has a third-person approach, but can be experienced through first-person cameras. Additionally, the end of footage seen by the insider shows a "Game Over" screen after a sudden scare, indicating a possible appeal for jumpscares -based systems.

Despite recent rumors linking Hideo Kojima's name to the Xbox platform , Henderson reinforces that he doesn't know if Overdose will end up as a Microsoft exclusive game. In this way, all information should be treated as rumors .

Overdose and Death Stranding 2

In addition to allegedly working on Overdose, Hideo Kojima also appears to have started production on Death Stranding 2. The information was passed on by actor Norman Reedus — Sam “Porter” Bridges — in a recent interview.


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