Rumor has it that the PS5 horror game "Abandoned" is presently not in production, and it depends on funding.
Abandoned, the PS5 horror game, has been a major center of controversy — the game was “confused” with Silent Hill and its prologue ended up being postponed indefinitely, to name a few examples. Now, according to an extensive report by GameSpot, the title is not in active development and would need funding to complete.

The portal interviewed several people who would be part of a secret group on Discord created by Hasan Kahraman, founder of Blue Box Game Studios. These sources say that all references to Silent Hill in the game's publicity pieces were deliberate, while bizarre leaks, such as the game's supposed script, came from that group.

According to the same sources, Kahraman acknowledged that the development of Abandoned is at a standstill, because the title needs funds. The developer hopes that this money will come from the playable prologue, which remains without a premiere date.

Also according to group members, the Blue Box founder is "duplicitous and prone to mood swings", becoming argumentative when asked about the game's status. In fact, some of these people were afraid to reveal the above information, as they signed a non-disclosure document (NDA) created by Kahraman himself.

Blue Box guarantees that Abandoned was not abandoned

Following the release of the GameSpot report, Blue Box Game Studios sent a statement to PC Gamer to deny the speculation. In fact, the company guarantees that it will release the prologue to Abandoned, when it is ready.

It's in development and this is all coming from angry fans who haven't seen the game — the article written by GameSpot is based on the speculations of those users. One of them is pretending to be a business partner.

The prologue will be released when we are ready. We are not going to let the force of speculation make us “prove” [that the game exists].

Despite the studio's response, it's best to treat this article as a rumor. The only way is to wait and see if Abandoned, in fact, was abandoned.


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