The YouTube application has become very familiar to us. Most people often listen to music or watch movies on YouTube from TV to phone. However, the downside of YouTube is that the videos will alternately play without stopping until you turn off this application yourself.

The absence of a timer to turn off automatically accidentally causes discomfort for some people who listen to music and YouTube storytelling videos at bedtime. Because, sometimes the phone often crashes due to low battery in the morning or wakes you up in the middle of the night by some annoying ads.

Listening to YouTube music on iPhone instead of listening through Apple Music is also sometimes very inconvenient for users because the YouTube application does not have a self-off timer feature. Wouldn't it be frustrating to wake up in the middle of the night to turn off music or videos? Of course, it is.

However, peoaple often search the web to look for solution on how to set up timer on YouTube music. Well, we've got a good news for you, search nomore. Or better still, you just leave this for AndroBliz, let's learn how to automatically turn off YouTube music on iPhone without hassle.

[2022 Guide] How To Set A Timer To Automatically Turn Off YouTube Music On iPhone:

At present, most applications for listening to music or watching videos on iPhone in general and YouTube in particular are rarely equipped with automatic shutdown timer feature. However, you can set a timer to turn off YouTube music on your iPhone through the Clock app available on your phone with these steps:

1.) First, go to the Clock application on your iPhone and select Timers.

2.) In the Timers interface, you adjust the application's operating time depending on your personal needs.

3.) After adjusting the application operation time, click on When Timer Ends.

4.) Now, you proceed to scroll down the page and select the Stop Playing button, and save.

5.) Finally, you click the Start button and keep enjoying the YouTube video until the appointed time expires, the application will automatically turn off for you.


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