Sky Cruise, design of ‘flying hotel’ that can house 5000 guests
“Sky Cruise", a new aircraft concept designed by Science Communicator. This video was however, produced by Hashem Al-Ghaili. The video showcased how magnificent future of flight will be.

As seen in the video, Sky Cruise visualises a nuclear-powered sky hotel, which is designed to contain over 5,000 guests including crew.

Other fascinating features of Sky Cruise include magnificent restaurants, a panoramic hall boasting a 360-degree view, expansive shopping mall, gyms, theatres, pools, wellness and medical services, and event spaces.

Al-Ghaili argues that the aircraft is the ‘future of transport’ as it can also attend to the challenge of turbulence – the aircraft’s command deck uses artificial intelligence to predict air turbulence minutes before it happens.

When detected, the systems automatically prevent any vibrations from happening by creating anti-vibrations that work similarly to noise-cancelling technology and allow the Sky Cruise to travel over the vibrations in the turbulent area.

However, several critics have raised practical questions to indicate that Sky Cruise is merely an imaginative creation.


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