PS5 new color cover arrives in Hong Kong "Starlight Blue", "Galaxy Purple" and "Star Magic Powder" on sale today
Last year, SONY announced that it will launch 5 different colors of the mainframe cover of the PlayStation 5. Following the launch of 2 new colors "Midnight Black" and "Stardust Red" in January, the remaining 3 Milky Way shades have finally been launched. Of course, the PS5 owners can now personalize their console.

The new colors launched by SONY this time include "Starlight Blue", "Galaxy Purple", and "Star Magic Powder". The 3 colors are mainly based on the color of the Milky Way: "Starlight Blue" has a lighter tone, I believe it is more suitable for people who like light colors and girls; and although "Galaxy Purple" and "Star Magic Pink" feel more suitable for girls, But its tone is relatively deep, if boys use it, I believe it is very suitable.

The current price of the console cover is $55, but the console cover is only suitable for the disc version of the PS5. Meanwhile, users who own the digital version of the PS5 will have to wait.


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