Suppliers respond to rumors that Apple will switch to OLED in 2024: not new rumors, also optimistic about Mini LED applications
According to Taiwanese media "Economic Daily", Mini LED terminal applications have been leading the trend under Apple's adoption in the past two years, but recently it has been reported in the market that after using Mini LED technology for three years, Apple will switch to OLED in 2024.

In this regard, Fucai, a leading manufacturer of Mini LED, said that the application of Mini LED is increasing year by year and the future is optimistic. Micro LED will also join the high-end display field after 2024. At that time, Micro LED, Mini LED and OLED will each own the market.

Sources pointed out that Apple's latest iPhone and all Apple Watches have adopted OLED, and future iPad and MacBook series products are expected to use OLED.

Apple has continued to transition its iPad and MacBook series products to Mini LED over the past year, but the market speculates that Apple will introduce OLED panels to these products in the next step.

According to the report, Fucai, a major manufacturer in Taiwan, pointed out that it was impossible to comment on a single customer. However, such rumors have been more than once, not accurate.

Fucai said that in terms of end applications, Mini LED and OLED currently have different applications due to different characteristics and prices.

If we look at 2024, it was originally expected that Micro LED shipments and applications have begun to explode. By then, high-end displays The field will be the coexistence of Micro LED, Mini LED and OLED, each owning the market, and the influence of a single brand factory will be weakened in the future.

Fucai further analyzed that in the future in the display field, the smallest AR and VR must use Micro LED; the mobile phone display screen will be more OLED; as for the medium-sized display notebook computer and display field, Mini LED and OLED will coexist.


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