The Division: Heartland will have four game modes and crossplay as rumor claims, currently in active testing and has undergone reformulations in some
The Division: Heartland , spin-off of the franchise published by Ubisoft, will be able to have four game modes, instead of the two previously revealed. The information was shared by renowned insider Tom Henderson (via TryHardGames ), who also reported the presence of a crossplay system already in “active testing”.

Anonymous publisher sources have anticipated that Excursion and Storm, respectively PvE and PvPvE, will not be the only modes present in The Division spinoff. In all, four distinct ones will be part of the catalog, which would still include PvE Nightfall and PvP Hunt.

In Nightfall, players will need to come together to accomplish objectives based on AI waves, where progression levels will determine difficulty and rewards. This will require deploying beacons, tracking specific targets, and gathering agent data — all while enemies known as “Vultures” lurk in the shadows.

In Hunt, Heartland will host a classic PvP session. Here, as in traditional competitive multiplayer modes, all participants will have to face each other and get the most kills, with the score determining the rewards and the winners.

At the moment, The Division: Heartland is still in the testing stage and could arrive as early as the end of 2022, with crossplay. However, as nothing has been officially confirmed by Ubisoft, all information should be treated as rumors .

The Division: Heartland's Dark Zone will have many activities:

In an article published on xFire, Henderson confirmed that Heartland will have new game modes, enemies, maps and environmental perspective. In addition to Storm and Excursion modes, similar to those in Escape From Tarkov, the title will be participation-based and will reward players with weekly and daily bonuses.


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