Recently, Lynk & Co's newest electic vehicle concept images have teased. Even though we barely have much details about the car, the concept seems to have a number of cutting edge features, some of which parallel other electric cars, while others draw on more outlandish elements of supercar design.

The Swedish automobile first electric concept car, the CCC, was revealed back in 2016. It was then followed by the Lynk & Co Zero in 2020. The Zero was described as the "basis for all new electric vehicles within the Geely Holding Group portfolio." Geely is the Chinese automotive giant that owns Lynk & Co, Lotus, and fellow Swedish car manufacturer Volvo.

However, the Zero's key features includes an "all-electric" architecture, a 400-mile range, and a zero to 60 time of under four seconds. Hence, the Zero has yet to make it beyond trial production, and the CCC didn't even make it that far — which may not bode well for people who want to get their hands on "The Next Day" any time soon.

Currently, Geely doesn't offer cars for sale in the United States either, placing another barrier between what could be one of the more desirable electric vehicles on the market and a large section of the potential consumer base.

What Can The New Concept "The Next Day" Offer?

The concept itself has a slick and futuristic look. The vehicle appears to have a glass canopy, similar to the canopy on the Lucid Air. However, unlike the spacious Air, the "Next Day" seems to be far more compact.

The concept still has at least four seats, accessible through two sets of butterfly doors, but they look like they're spaced a lot closer than in other high-end electric vehicles.

The interior seems to feature a large dashboard display and a rectangular, starship-looking, steering "wheel." How many of the more outlandish features make it into production, if the car makes it into production at all, remains to be seen. Though if the concept creates similar waves to the Polestar, Geely could well push it into production soon.

Details on the Next Day's drivetrain are still rare, but the car could make use of the technology behind some of Geely's other recent projects. The Lynk E-Motive plug-in hybrid system, which could more than double a vehicle's electric range from 80 KM to 120 KM, may play a part in the "Next Day's" design.

If other high-end electric vehicles, such as Lucid and Tesla's efforts, are anything to go off — Lynk & Co might try and match their vehicle's space-age looks with hypercar-level performance. The top-end Tesla Model S Plaid is capable of going from zero to 60 in just 1.99 seconds, while the Lucid Air Dream Edition takes 2.5.


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