Solar electric car Lightyear 0 released: run up to 70 kilometers a day without spending a cent, priced at €250,000 || World first solar electric car
Dutch electric vehicle startup Lightyear this week launched its first solar-powered car - a stylish sedan called Lightyear 0.

The company showed off a prototype of the Lightyear 0 back in 2019, and it doesn't look like much has changed three years later. The car is essentially an unconventional hybrid with a conventional 60-kWh EV battery pack and solar panels on the roof, hood, and more. The solar panels on the Lightyear 0 automatically charge as long as the car is exposed to sunlight, whether or not it's driving.

In sunny climates, the car's solar panels provide 44 miles of range per day, compared with 388 miles of EV range.

For people who have very short commutes or don't need to travel frequently, Lightyear 0 can save them money on gas or charging. The company claims that those who commute 22 miles (about 35 kilometers) a day can drive the Lightyear 0 for two consecutive months during the Dutch summer without recharging. In sunny climates, drivers can drive longer.

Lightyear also claims that solar energy could provide the Lightyear 0 with a range of 3,700 to 6,800 miles (about 6,000 to 11,000 kilometers) per year.

AndroBliz learned that the price of Lightyear 0 is 250,000 euros. The company only plans to produce 946 units of Lightyear 0. The first batch of test drives will be provided in June, and production will begin in autumn. The batch of cars will be delivered in November.


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