Apple has just held its annual WWDC conference online. The most special thing this year is that in addition to launching new operating systems for major platforms, it also launched a small number of new hardware products.

Of course, the most people pay attention to it, it must be applied to the iPhone. So what exactlyn is new in the new iOS operating system. the iOS 16. Why not take a seat back while we take you on a tour.

Top 9 Features In iOS 16:

1.) The Lock Screen Is More Personal:

In previous iOS versions, Apple has made a lot of improvements to the iPhone's screen lock interface, but as more and more new features and content can be displayed through the lock interface, the screen has become more and more forced and even covered. background photo.

In the new iOS 16, Apple has added a lot of personalization features. In addition to adding new themes such as Pride and Unity, the entire lock interface can be personalized by users, including: date and time styles, fonts, etc., and different widgets can also be added, so that users do not need to unlock the iPhone,

In addition, the push messages that covered most of the lock screen in the past will be moved to the bottom of the lock screen in iOS 16, and will be displayed in an overlay form, so that these push messages will not block the beautiful lock screen photos.

In addition, if you are paying attention to the ongoing game, the new "Real Time Update" will display the score and situation of the game at the top of the locked interface in real time, allowing users to know the score of their favorite team in real time without letting the unlimited push messages of the game. The locking interface is obscured. This function can also be applied to other types of programs, such as: it can display the delivery status of food delivery, call Uber to see if there is a car to receive the order, and the location of the vehicle.

Additionally, the new iOS 16 also adds the Focus element to the lock interface. Users can add a variety of different lock interface designs to the list according to their preferences in advance. In the future, just swipe left or right in the lock interface personalization page., you can switch between different interfaces.

Also, the user can also link the designated interface with the Focus. When a certain Focus mode is turned on, the locked interface will automatically switch to the locked interface layout, which is completely automatic and very considerate.

2.) iCloud Shared Library Makes It Easier To Share Photos:

Another iOS feature that everyone is paying attention to: photos, has also been enhanced in iOS 16, focusing on sharing. On the new iOS 16, Apple has added the "iCloud Shared Library" function, which allows up to 6 users to collaborate, join and enjoy photos together.

Users only need to put the photos they want to share into this shared library, and other collaborators can. These photos can be seen in their iPhone photo library, and can even be added, edited, and deleted, so that when people take a group photo, they don't have to manually share it with them when they're done.

And this shared library function is not only to move photos to the shared library "after the fact", but when taking a photo, it can be preset whether this photo is placed in the user's own library or a designated shared library.

If the settings are stored in the shared gallery, the photos will be automatically saved after they are taken and shared with other users who have joined the collaboration team, so that everyone can save the effort of returning photos afterwards, which is very useful.

3.) The Functions Of "Text As It Is" And "Image Query" Have Been Enhanced:

In previous iOS versions, Apple has introduced the functions of "text as it is" and "image query", the former can directly translate the foreign language in the photo, while the latter can query the data of the objects in the photo. In iOS 16, both features are enhanced.

First of all, iOS 16 further supports the use of "as-is" in videos. When browsing videos, users can pause the video playback at any time, and use the "as-is" function to translate the foreign language in the videos to the specified language. In addition, in iOS 16, in addition to translation, "as-is text" can quickly convert currencies, units, etc., which is really convenient when traveling in the future.

As for "image query", in addition to expanding the recognition function to recognize birds, insects and statues, you can also press and hold the subject in the image, move away from the background in a "background" way, and then place it in the "message" ” and other apps to share with others, this real-time “retirement” sharing image function, so that everyone no longer needs to retreat through the photo editing app before using the image, which is very interesting.

4.) "Message" App Adds SharePlay Function:

Many people around the world communicate with their relatives and friends through WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, but not through messaging apps in recent years. However, in iOS 16, the Messaging App has certain functional enhancements. In addition to retracting the messages that have been sent first, users can also restore recently deleted messages by mistake, and even edit them afterwards.

Additionally, if you want to review it later, you can also restore the message to "unread". In addition, the iOS 16 messaging app has also added the "simultaneous sharing" function. When users use the messaging app to chat with relatives and friends, they can enjoy the movies or songs shared by friends through the SharePlay function without exiting the program, and can also share and play. control. Well, we never know if these functions will rekindle everyone's interest in using communication apps to chat with friends?

5.) Mail App Has More Complete Functions:

In iOS 16, the Mail app for sending and receiving emails also has new features. First of all, users can not only schedule email delivery time in advance, but also cancel traditional email before the email reaches the recipient's mailbox. In addition, the "Remind Later" function has also been added this time.

Users can set the emails they have read to be displayed again at a specified date and time, which is convenient for follow-up in the future. In addition, the newly added "Follow Up" feature will automatically provide suggestions to remind users to follow up on unanswered emails. In addition, the Mail App will also detect if the user has forgotten to add important content to the email, such as attachments, when composing a new email.

In addition, the search function of the Mail App has also been updated. When users start searching for emails, they can view recent emails, contacts, documents and links, which naturally greatly improves search efficiency.

6.) Installment When Apple Pay Is Available:

As for the Wallet function, it has also been enhanced in iOS 16. First of all, in terms of protecting user privacy, when using the third formula to pay, the App company will only receive the necessary information for the transaction, and the user can also know what information the other party will receive when paying, if there is no problem, you can consent to sharing via Face ID or Touch ID.

In addition, in iOS 16, users can also securely share home settings in Wallet, even office keys, hotel key cards, and even car keys with relatives and friends through apps such as messaging and email.

However, the new Wallet, most especially its Apple Pay, can finally support installment payment during payment, according to the official statement, it can be divided into up to 4 installments. In addition, it supports goods tracking function, in other words, from payment to receipt, all information can be seen in Wallet.

7.) Dictation + Keyboard Available At The Same Time:

It is believed that in iOS, it is a common function for many users to speak the text they want to input with voice, and then convert the voice into text through the dictation function. However, in the previous iOS, when the dictation function was required, the keyboard would not be displayed. In case of a recognition error or a typo, it was necessary to wait for the recognition to complete before making changes.

In iOS 16, when you say the sentence you want to enter by voice, the keyboard will still be displayed on the screen. Users can input content through a hybrid mode of dictation + touch input text, and even highlight the sentence you want to change., and then speak the replaced text directly by voice, making it more convenient for everyone to type.

8.) The Map App Can Set Up Multi-station Planning Routes:

In addition to the above functions, other programs in iOS 16 have also been enhanced to a certain extent. Among them, it is worth noting that Apple's own map app allows users to preset up to 15 destinations, which can then be used to plan routes. It is really convenient to use.

In addition, users can also browse the latest information of different public transportation in the map app, check the journey cost, add a transportation card to Wallet, check the balance and add value, etc. without leaving the app, which is also very convenient to use when traveling abroad.

9.) Add Drug Function to Facilitate Management:

As for health, iOS 16's fitness app can also be used by all iPhone users, allowing users to track and achieve health goals even if they are not using an Apple Watch. In addition, in the "Health" app, iOS 16 has added a "drug" function. Users can add information about drugs they take daily, and even create schedules and reminders to help users know when to take medicine, vitamins, and different supplements. Health products.

10.) July Public Beta Officially launched In Autumn:

In addition to the above 9 functions, iOS 16 actually has many functions. The author will have the opportunity to share it with you in the future. As for the launch time, the beta version for developers to download can be downloaded and installed on the Apple developer website today, while the public beta version, as always, will be launched in July for the public to download and try. As for the official version, it will be launched this fall, and it is expected to be launched at the same time as the new iPhone.


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