YouTuber successfully changed the lightning port on iPhone 13 to USB-C, supporting fast charging, data transfer, system updates and water resistance..
With the EU's agreement to establish USB-C as a universal charging port, it is equivalent to 2024 that the iPhone will be fully changed to the USB-C specification.

Before Apple officially changed it for the new iPhone, a YouTuber successfully transformed the USB-C version of the iPhone 13, and successfully supported fast charging, data transfer, system updates and water resistance.

Recently, YouTuber "Restore Technique" released a video to share his DIY successful transformation of the USB-C version of the iPhone 13. And the reason why he has this idea can be traced back to the iPhone 13 teardown video he shared in September last year.

It is understood that after he released the video of dismantling the iPhone 13, some netizens left a message asking him whether it was possible to change Lightning to USB-C. At that time, he responded: "Not sure."

Later, a foreign player Ken Pillonel successfully transformed the world's first USB-C iPhone. At that time, the iPhone X was auctioned on eBay for a sky-high price of $86,001.

This also gave Restore Technique the idea of changing the machine. This time he will try to change the Lightning of the iPhone to USB-C based on the iPhone 13 standard version.

However, he not only wanted to change the charging specifications, but also challenged that all the original functions could still be used after changing the machine, including fast charging, data transfer, water resistance and other functions.

According to the video, the modified USB-C version of the iPhone 13 looks just like the original. When it came to the testing stage, it was actually measured that the USB-C version of the iPhone 13 could be successfully charged, and the charging cable could also be successfully charged in reverse.

In terms of fast charging, the iPhone 13 that has been changed to a USB-C interface can still support up to 23W fast charging; then connect the iPhone 13 to the computer, and there is no problem in transferring files, and even updating the new iOS system of the iPhone through the computer is also successfully completed.

In addition, the iPhone 13 also passed the water splash test safely.


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