BOE, a Chinese company will be in charge of supplying OLED screen for Samsung's Galaxy Watch 6
This information may surprise many people and be a bit worried because the supplier of OLED panels for the Galaxy Watch 6 series launched next year will come from a Chinese company, which is not too famous for its displays. OLED.

Samsung has been exclusively using OLED panels from Samsung Display for its Galaxy Watch lineup of smartwatches for some time, resulting in excellent image quality.

But the story next time may be very different when Samsung plans to use OLED screens from a Chinese manufacturer for the Galaxy Watch 6 series.

A revelation from the Korean site Naver said that Samsung is in talks with Chinese display manufacturer BOE to supply OLED panels for the Galaxy Watch 6 series. This product is expected to be launched in the second half of the market. year 2023.

It is known that Samsung has actively contacted BOE first and the two companies are coordinating the production schedule accordingly.

Not stopping there, it is likely that in the near future many Samsung products will use OLED screens of Chinese screen manufacturer BOE. It could be high-end Galaxy smartphones. Currently, BOE's panels are only used on mid-range and low-cost Samsung smartphones such as Galaxy A13 and Galaxy A23.

The reason Samsung chose to cooperate with BOE is to diversify the supply chain and add more component suppliers. Although Samsung has a division that specializes in manufacturing Samsung Display screens, having additional third-party suppliers is equally important, because it helps to save costs.

Currently, Samsung has not officially confirmed the information and everything can only be confirmed next year.


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