According to the information shared on Twitter by Axios Gaming journalist, initial GTA 6 project would have four protagonists and three entire cities.
Jason Schreier, an insider with good credibility in the industry, shook the game market earlier this week by releasing several news about GTA 6.

Later, journalist Stephen Totilo of Axios Gaming also revealed that the initial project for the sequel would have had four protagonists and three entire cities — but that concept was apparently scrapped.

Totilo's information, which came from a source "familiar with Rockstar," suggests the project's scope has been drastically reduced. This potentially could be related to the new policy of more manageable development and a healthier work environment for employees.

Bloomberg's report on GTA 6 stated that Rockstar has been striving to optimize the corporate environment in recent times.

The studio implemented a new flextime policy, reduced the pay gap between male and female employees, and hired more producers to better manage the workload.

It is worth remembering that the information contained in the text are rumors and should be treated as such.


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