Today, the Bloomberg website has debunk a rumor about GTA 6. Hence, the website has brought details about the new edition of the franchise.
GTA VI production has faced some slowness, something normal in the industry during the pandemic, however, Jason Schreier interviewed several devs, who said they were witnessing a new methodology of work.

According to the report, the studio has undergone a cultural overhaul over the past four years. In this way, even games would be positively affected, with fewer transphobic jokes and a work environment with less overload and people more open to providing benefits.

Today, Wednesday 27, GTA 6 was the subject of more speculation. According to the Bloomberg website, Rockstar Games intends to put two protagonists in the game, and one of them would be a woman - inspired by Bonnie & Clyde, a famous criminal couple from American movies.

Of Latin origin, she would become the first playable female character in franchise history. Other details of the project were revealed in the article, and the setting, inspired by Miami, promises to be extensive and with a greater choice of explorable indoor areas compared to other titles in the franchise.

Supposedly, GTA 6 is treated as Project Americas. To improve, a system capable of expanding the map should attract attention. As? After launch, new cities can be added, promoting a constant evolution of the experience.

As usual, it is worth waiting for Rockstar Games to reveal this information in an official way. As reliable as Bloomberg is, treat this article as a rumor.


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