GTA 6 was the subject of more speculation. According to the Bloomberg website, Rockstar Games intends to put two protagonists in the game, and one of them would be a woman - inspired by Bonnie & Clyde, a famous criminal couple from American movies. On the other hand, a Puerto Rican actress Alexandra Echavarri could possibly be the protagonist in the game (GTA 6).

Alexandra Echavarri may be responsible for playing the alleged protagonist of GTA 6. As per the CV of the Puerto Rican actress, she is currently working on a video game production as the main character. On the Actor Actress website, the mention of Rockstar Games has apparently been removed.

The publisher that takes care of the franchise was previously mentioned, according to files found on the Web Archive. The change, made recently, only names Take 2 Productions as one of the companies involved in the video game project.

Now, only the company Take 2 Productions is mentioned.

Previously, Rockstar Games was directly mentioned in the actress's online resume.
Ultimately, Echavarri will soon appear in some video game production. If it is GTA 6, the rumors involving an alleged Latin protagonist raised by the Bloomberg portal last Wednesday (27) will be confirmed.

It is important to treat this possibility as mere speculation and wait for the actress herself or Rockstar Games to speak about it officially.

Furthermore, report from Bloomberg also brought several details about the setting of GTA 6. According to the article, the map will be extensive and will have a greater number of explorable indoor areas compared to other titles in the franchise.


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