"Angel Hunter 3" officially announced on October 28th, landing on the Switch platform
"Bayonetta 2" was released in 2014, 8 years ago, and the third orthodox sequel "Bayonetta 3 has been officially announced, to be released on October 28, log on to the Switch platform.

"Bayonetta 3" released a new trailer, you can see the different styles of Sister Bei and the previous generation. Players will be able to fight in the streets of Tokyo, the mountains of China, and beyond, and must ally with a witch named Viola.

AndroBliz has learned that "Bayonetta 3" is an action-adventure game produced by Platinum Games and published by Nintendo.

Platinum Games previously stated that due to funding issues, "Bayonetta 3" will be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch.

In addition, "Angel Hunt 3" will launch the "Trinity One Masquerade Edition", this version of the game includes a series of three games, comes with a full-color 200-page art book, and also comes with three reversible game boxes. Can form a panoramic artwork, more details about this set of games will be announced in the future.

Furthermore, according to the trailer released through Weibo, Angel Hunter 3 is said to arrive for Nintendo Switch on the 28th of October.


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