Nowadays, more and more high-tech products that only appeared in science fiction movies have come into reality. When you see an Aptera electric car driving on the road in the wild, I believe most people will think that this is a spaceship.

This peculiar-looking car is actually an upcoming solar-powered car from an American company named Aptera. Although the frame adopts a three-wheeled design, it is this three-wheeled design that makes "Aptera" look sci-fi, and it is a real electric car, while Aptera is a wingless flight in Greek translation.

According to official standard data, Aptera's complete solar kit can charge its battery an additional 64 kilometers per day, which can meet the daily commute in the case of high solar visibility.

Aptera's manufacturer hopes that the additional service provided by this solar energy can be Attract consumers to increase sales. However, solar energy isn't the only fuel source that powers Aptera.

For longer driving times, it can also be charged like a normal electric car. Two battery packs are included, and the Aptera can achieve a combined range of about 1,609 kilometers with the fully upgraded battery pack and about 402 kilometers with the base battery pack.

Aptera is a two-seater electric car that looks a lot like a vehicle in a 1960s sci-fi cartoon. It's more of an aircraft than a land vehicle. It is more like a hybrid of a normal car and an electric sports car, because of its distinctive appearance, the car has a good aerodynamic performance. Its body adopts a teardrop-shaped design, and its wind resistance coefficient is only cd0.13. Compared with the wind resistance coefficient of ordinary cars today, its performance is very good.

It is worth mentioning that Aptera also showed a camping form to the public, which is very convenient for traveling by car. In this form, people can turn the trunk space into a camper's tent with a roof, which can be used as a temporary residence for going out.

The Aptera car looks peculiar as a whole. In terms of price, Apteras starts at $25,900 and is currently available for pre-order through its official website.

According to public information, Aptera was established in 2005. As a car company, it has accumulated a lot of experience in the past few years. Aptera is its latest mass-produced model, and I believe it can win a good reputation.


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