Capcom said that it has sold more than 10 million copies of "Monster Hunter: Rise" series
According to Capcom’s official news, the sales of the “Monster Hunter: Rise” series exceeded 10 million copies, and the sales of the entire series of “Monster Hunter” games exceeded 84 million copies. To this end, the official will send out two props packs in the game on July 7th.

AndroBliz learned that "Monster Hunter: Rise" was the first to be exclusively released on the Nintendo Switch platform on March 26, 2021, and its global sales exceeded 5 million in 10 days.

In January of this year, "Monster Hunter: Rise" was unlocked and sold on the Steam platform. The standard version in the China was 396 yuan, and the deluxe version was 465.3 yuan.

In June this year, at noon today, "Monster Hunter Rise: Dawn" was unlocked on Steam, and more new monsters appeared.

"Monster Hunter: Rise" is a role-playing action game produced and published by Capcom, which is an orthodox work of the "Monster Hunter" series.

As a Japanese theme, the "rise" of the title means "unrestrained and jumping action". This work adds a "flying insect" creature, which can fly in the direction indicated by the hunter and use a special "iron insect wire". Pull the hunter closer.

The Steam page shows that the minimum configuration requirement for "Monster Hunter: Rise" is 4th generation i3+GT 1030, and the recommended configuration is 4th generation i5+GTX 1060. You need 8GB of RAM and 23GB of storage. The game supports Simplified Chinese interface and subtitles.


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