Destiny 2 event will introduce the future of the game and may reveal details about the Lightfall expansion
Bungie recently hosted an action to honor a Destiny 2 fan with a rare kidney disease. Cristian, a 17-year-old American boy, was immortalized in the game alongside his dog Artemis, serving as inspiration for a community emote and an exclusive plush.

However, Bungie has announced that it will be streaming a Destiny 2 showcase on August 23 – the start of the upcoming Year 5 season. The live stream is yet to provide the first big details on the Lightfall endgame expansion, the next chapter in the Light in Darkness arc.

With flashes of Calus and the boss Rhulk, the narrative sequel to The Witch-Queen will continue the end-of-campaign events where a great evil, The Witness, was introduced.

In addition, the plot of Beyond the Light can be rescued, revealing more news about the identity of the doppelganger found in the Black Garden.

Just like during the last showcase, where The Witch-Queen emerged as the main attraction, Bungie's new event should be fully focused on Lightfall.

The clues were given by the publisher's own profile, which responded to an internet user with the emojis of “lamp” and “autumn leaves” — “light” and “fall”, in reference to the English language.

More details on the Destiny 2 stream will be released at a later date.


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