Devil’s Hunt was first revealed in 2019, and it was also launched on Steam for PC. It was rumored to be ported in consoles, but it was later canceled and thus didn't come to pass.

Recently, the game was seen again in the form of a new rating in Brazil. The rating is for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions of the game suggesting that it might finally see the light of the day again.

The title was rated as early as July 6 in Brazil. It was supposed to arrive on consoles in Q1 2020 but the developers reportedly went bankrupt. The original release of the game on PC was critically panned and carries a disastrous 47 score on Metacritic.

The Steam version is currently being offered on sale for as low as $2.99. It has a mixed review score on Steam showing that there are some people that do like it enough to give it a positive score.

There was also some excitement around the title because of it coming to Nintendo Switch. The publishers had uploaded a trailer that was supposed to be for the Nintendo Switch but it showed the same footage as the PS4 or PC version casting doubt over the Switch port.

There is no official information regarding the release of Devil’s Hunt on consoles but based on the rating, it could be due for an announcement soon, but from a new publisher this time.

It could be possible that Layopi Games, who are the original developer, are publishing it themselves since they are listed in the Brazil rating leak.


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