Through a new gameplay trailer, Nacon has revealed more footage of Steelrising's gameplay. Starring the android Aegis, the game promises to bring dynamic combat and full of equipment options, inserting elemental effects to exploit enemy weak points.

The video, titled "Titans", shows how the main character will use acrobatics and her special weapons to defeat the king's mechanical armies.

All her movements are calculated to ensure more fluidity, allowing for dodges that interrupt actions, counterattacks and fire, ice or lightning enchantments on her blades.

At the same time, bosses and basic enemies will have access to the same tools and will be able to deal additional damage from effects.

In this way, receiving more powerful attacks can compromise Aegis' health and outcome in battle, from an improved range, hit buffs, guard break and other mechanics.

Steelrising will release on September 8th for PS5, Xbox Series and PC.


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