With the rumors of One UI 5.0 beta being released soon, surely a lot of SamFans are excited to see what Samsung has prepared for Android 13.
With the rumors of One UI 5.0 beta being released soon, surely a lot of SamFans are excited to see what Samsung has prepared for Android 13. While waiting for the upcoming public beta, the success 9to5Google member Max Weinbach had the opportunity to experience One UI 5.0 first through a private source and gave the first glimpses of this version.

Note that the One UI 5.0 build used in the article is provided by member Max Weinbach's own source and is not official from Samsung. So may not provide the complete picture, instead just focus on the changes and new features on this version compared to One UI 4.

Tweak Notifications:

Notification design has been slightly tweaked between One UI 4 and One UI 5. Includes new icons for notifications, display styles, etc. Notification bubbles and quick settings also have tweaks about opacity. Neither of these changes is huge, but they give a different overall feel during use.

Access Permission Dialog Box:

One big surprise with One UI 5 is Samsung's choice to use Android's default permission dialog. This isn't a bad thing at all, and it's very similar to how Google did it. This can help speed up the update process by not changing things that don't need to be changed in Android. At least with the first beta of One UI 5.

OCR support in Gallery, insert text from images on keyboard:

Samsung has now added OCR (Optical Character Recognition) that allows you to copy text from images into the Gallery and Keyboard apps. When text content is detected in an image, One UI 5 will have a button at the bottom of the gallery that allows you to drag text from the photo. This used to be part of the virtual assistant Bixby Vision, but has been moved to a separate feature in One UI 5.

The OCR keyboard works just like it does on iOS. In any text field, you can choose to extract text or point the camera at anything to get text content from and insert. The user interface on Samsung's version is also quite similar to iOS.

Privacy and Security Center:

Privacy and Security Center is Samsung's proprietary version of what Google made for the Pixel on Android 13. It packs all your accounts, passwords, security and privacy features into one. user interface, thus allowing easier access to everything. This feature will also scan for anything that might be abusing app permissions or security settings that aren't enabled, and recommend enabling it for better security.

New Multitasking Gesture:

In Labs there are two new multitasking and feature access options. You can swipe up from the bottom of the screen with two fingers to access the split view, or swipe in from the top right corner to create a pop-up. Both are not yet active in this build.

Other Changes:

  • Collaborate in Samsung Notes
  • The app is now active in quick settings
  • The about phone page now shows a picture of the device
  • UWB switch in settings.

At the end of the day, there really isn't much that's new in One UI 5. It's got small improvements across the board with an upgrade to animations. It looks like Samsung is focusing on update speed, as the beta is likely to start a month earlier with the release expected a month earlier as well.


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