How can I install Google Play Store on Windows 11 (PC) in 2022 || How to install Android apps on PC through Play Store || Play Store for Windows 11
Microsoft has allowed users to experience installing Android applications on Windows 11 through the Amazon Appstore. Although Microsoft says this is the only way to install and use Android apps, but there is a better way to bring Google Play to Windows 11.

With millions of apps and games on the Google Play app market, you're free to use your favorite Android apps and aren't as limited as the Amazon Appstore.

How To Install Google Play Store On Windows 11 PC In 2022:

1.) First, you must upgrade to the latest version of Windows 11. And also, the Amazon Appstore downloaded from the Microsoft Store must the latest version.

2.) Windows needs to enable Virtualization in the BIOS. You can check by Pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc to launch “Task Manager” and switch to “Performance” tab.

3.) Start PowerShell by opening the Start Menu, then type the keyword "PowerShell" in the search box, right-click and select "Run as Administrator".

4.) Open a Web browser, go to the Github page, scroll down to the “How to use” section, and then copy the code listed under Easy Start Command.

5.) Paste (Ctrl +V) this code into the PowerShell window and press Enter.

6.) The "Windows Toolbox" dialog box will open right after that, click on the "Install Google Play Store for Windows 11" item below.

7.) Go back in the PowerShell window, you may need to enable the virtual machine platform to run the Android application if it has been disabled. Enter "Yes" to continue.

8.) The system asks to download the “Windows Subsystem for Android” item. Enter "P" to continue.

9.) The path with the Zip file will be created, copy this link to your web browser to download.

10.) Return to the PowerShell window and copy (Ctrl + C) the path of the previously downloaded Zip file.

11.) After completing the above operations, several windows related to Windows Subsystem for Android will appear, make sure the installation window remains open until the installation is finished.

12.) Once done, click Start and you should see the Play Store app icon.

13.) Open the Play Store and sign in with your Google account. When signed in, Google Play Services can perform regular contact syncing and more.

Google Play Store Installation On Windows 11 PC In 2022:

With the above steps, You can now install Android apps on Windows 11 from the Google Play Store. However, some apps may still not function properly due to regional and licensing restrictions


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