How To Remotely Access Your Mac From An iPhone || How can I control my MacBook using my iPhone || Best MacBook vs. iPhone tricks in 2022
Smartphones are easily carried around compared to the way we carry our PC or laptop. Of course, we do find ourselves in an emergency situation which will warrant a user to make few edit to a document or even to navigate the slides of a presentation but unfortunately, the PC is far away from the person.

However, Apple has made it more easier for iPhone users as it gives you tools to access and control your Mac using an iPhone. To make this feature accessible to everyone, we, at AndroBliz have compiled an article to guide you on how you can remotely control your MacBook using your iPhone.

Couple of years back, iOS and macOS have looked increasingly similar, meanwhile, Apple's custom silicon even allows users to run iPhone and iPad apps on their MacBook.

How To Use An iPhone To Control Your MacBook:

For a user to be able to control his/her Mac using an iPhone, he/she will follow the steps below:
  • First and foremost, open the System Preferences on your Mac and head-over to the Sharing Menu. In the side pane, click on "Remote Management" to enable it.
  • On the right side, you can allow access to all users on a particular network or restrict it to specific users. Choose the latter option that says, "Only these users." You can also choose the first option if you have just one user on your Mac.
  • Once done, check all the permissions allowed to a user by clicking on "Options." And click on "Done."
  • Next, grab the IP address of the Mac, as it will come in handy in connecting it to the iPhone remotely. Go to "Network Settings," and you will see the IP address of your Mac mentioned under "Status."

How To Control Your Mac With Your iPhone

Using Switch Control happens to be the way which allows you to perform various functions on your Mac, straight from your iPhone. To do this, follow the below steps:
  • Navigate to System Preferences on your Mac, and go to Accessibility. In the sidebar, look for Switch Control and turn it on. If you are running macOS Ventura beta, you can click on Accessibility and find Switch Control by scrolling the page.
  • Turn on the toggle next to the item that says, "Allow platform switching to control your computer." Enter your password in the dialog box that pops up on the screen.
  • On your iPhone, ensure it is on the same Wi-Fi network and uses the same iCloud ID as the Mac. Go to Accessibility in Settings and turn on Switch Control. Set the scanning style to "manual scanning." Choose an action to show the menu items.
  • Go to the home screen and tap anywhere to open the Switch Control Menu using the action set above. You will find an option for "Device." Tap it and then tap "Other Devices." Select the Mac you want to control with your iPhone.
Please note, this is an accessibility feature that only lets you control your Mac with your iPhone and not share your Mac's screen on to your iPhone.


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