Deep dive shows how HyperMotion 2 promises to make the game more real than ever
HyperMotion technology, which debuted in FIFA 22, was a hit. And in FIFA 23 , players will get to know its evolution: HyperMotion 2. Yesterday, on Wednesday (27), EA Sports revealed a deep dive of the new game, focused on its gameplay, with a video of more than 11 minutes. This year, the focus, more than ever, will be on realism.

To further improve machine learning in capturing motion for the game, the company made two full-length real football matches in Zaragoza, Spain.

One with women and one with men, to also record the differences between them. In addition, several skills exercises were also carried out. With that, in all, there will be more than 6 thousand animations in the game.

All this work, according to Sam Rivera, responsible for the Match Experience of FIFA 23, generated more than 10 million frames of data – and all the athlete animations in the game are based on that. That is, everything the virtual players did was based directly on something the real players did on the field.

These new moves made possible some new features which are the highlights detailed in the video. Starting with Full Authentic Motion.

EA Sports was dedicated to making the famous swing of players on the field. For those unfamiliar with “football”, this refers to the way teams collectively move, to attack or defend.

There are lots of new animations for everything you can imagine: carts, boats, saves, kicks, passes, dribbles, etc. A nice detail: left-handed players will now scribble with their left legs – before, they would carry to the right to dribble. With the right to a new physics in which feet and hands react to the ball more realistically.


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