According to report, Apple will furnish the iPhone 14 Series with upgraded fast charging feature, when iPhone 14 Pro can charge 50% in just 16 minutes
With the launch of the iPhone 14 Series expected in mid-September, more and more leaks and reports are appearing on the internet, detailing the new features that the iPhone 14 Series will get.

Accordingly, iPhone 14 Series will have 4 different models including iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max (Plus), iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Previously, there was leaked information that the battery capacity of the iPhone 14 Series will be similar to that of the iPhone 13 Series and now, there is leaked information about the charging speed of the iPhone 14 Pro will be extremely fast, reaching 50% in just 16 minutes.

According to information provided by iHacktu leaks, the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max are expected to have an additional 2 hours and 10 minutes of battery life along with the ability to charge faster than the iPhone 13 Series.

IHacktu ileaks also shared that the A16 has a 42% increase in CPU performance and a 35% increase in GPU performance compared to the A15 Bionic.

In addition, this leaker also shared information about the iPhone 14 Pro's fast charging ability when charging to 50% in just 16 minutes (iPhone 13 Pro takes 30 minutes to reach 50% battery). Also note that these information are only based on leaks and Apple has yet to make any official announcements.

IHacktu ileaks has a leak history that is not completely accurate, which will reduce the expectation that the above information is true but enough to bring excitement about the upcoming iPhone 14 Series.

Forbes had an interview with iHacktu, who shared that his A16 performance data comes from "early stages of testing, which means it is subject to change". Interestingly, iHacktu has also revised its expectations for the A16 on the popular benchmark software Antutu.

He initially expected the A16 to score just 896,000 compared to the iPhone 13's 777,000, but iHacktu claims that the A16 can get a score of 920,000 right from the get-go.

Meanwhile, another leaker named @VNchocoTaca has released a leak about the battery capacity of the iPhone 14 Series models.

According to the leak, iPhone 14 Pro is expected to have the lowest battery of 3200mAh, iPhone 14 is 3279mAh, iPhone 14 Pro Max is 4323mAh and iPhone 14 Max is expected to have the largest battery of 4325mAh. If this turns out to be true, the iPhone 14 Series will not have too many upgrades in terms of battery capacity.


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