A new report has just revealed that Apple may introduce an eSIM-only version of the iPhone 14 for sale in some countries.
With more carriers around the world adopting the eSIM standard, we could soon be getting phones without a physical SIM slot.

According to a report published in The Wall Street Journal, Apple's upcoming iPhone 14 series may come with an eSIM-only version for some markets.

The source said that "Apple" is not expected to completely switch from physical SIM to eSIM on all of its devices, but is instead testing to see if consumers are willing to use the phone. eSIM only or not.

Apple is said to have notified several major US carriers to prepare their eSIM-only iPhone models expected to launch this fall.

The main advantage of removing the SIM slot on a phone is that it frees up physical space inside the phone that can be used for other components.

Security is another aspect that will benefit users as carriers can send security updates to millions of concurrent users.


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