Konami's "Silent Hill" is a very classic horror game series, but since Hideo Kojima's "Silent Hill" PT, the series has no news.

Yesterday, a Twitter user knows as @Mr_Rebs_ released a trailer for a "new work", showing that the game will be "globally revealed" on July 12. If true, that means Konami will reveal the trailer next week.

Konami allegedly held a shareholder meeting this week and showed the trailer, which was later posted on a Japanese forum. The whistleblower claimed that the video came from inside Konami. There's basically nothing in the video, just a symbol, and "Global debut - July 12."

AndroBliz learned that "Silent Hill" (Japanese: サイレントヒル) is a horror survival game for the PlayStation platform published by Konami.

Silent Hill was released in North America in January 1999, followed by Japan and Europe. The game uses a third-person perspective and real-time rendering, but due to functional limitations, the developers can only use a lot of fog and dark effects to make up for the defects of the picture. However, I did not expect this visual effect to become a game feature.

The first four digital titles were developed by Team Silent, the fifth title "Silent Hill: Origins" and the seventh title "Silent Hill: Shattered Memories" were developed by Climax Group, and the sixth title "Silent Hill: Homecoming" was developed by Double Helix Games Production, the eighth game "Silent Hill: Heavy Rain" is produced by Vatra Game.


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